Is your life the way you’d like it to be?

Are you struggling with things you can’t seem to change?
Does the future you see coming depress you?
Are you stressing over the little things?

Life coaching can help you take charge of your life.   What if your future can actually excite you?  What if stress can be reduced and struggling becomes a thing of the past?  Choose a session with Karlina for personalized attention to learn easy and fun tools to change your life to be what you never thought it could be!

Is it time to have fun again?
Do you wake up happy?
Are you bored in your life?

Adding a life coach to your life can not only increase your productivity, but also help you to have fun, be happy and add more to your life!  What if life was worth living again?

Why work with Karlina?

Karlina is someone who is authentic and walks her talk.  That is the number one reason her clients choose her.

Karlina is able to be very concise and zero in on what requires to be changed. Session are not longer than 30 min as that is all that is required at one time to create the change in the moment. This is what is great about working with Karlina, time matters and getting things done with ease and speed is what makes her so unique. Karlina’s broad understanding of Life, Business, and Relationships allows you to get the most out of every session. All this is done in a light, fun, playful way that makes you wonder why you didn’t choose this sooner!?!

The intensity of Karlina’s passion for life and changing your world is what make her excel at creating results most would only dream of.  If you are looking for change and results to a life beyond your dreams, Karlina is the one to get you there!!

“This isn’t a hard, time-consuming process or I would have never stuck with this.  I wouldn’t expect you to either.  These are simple and often fun things you can add into your day as it already is.” ~Karlina van der Weij

How does it work?

Book your 20 minutes consultation with Karlina.
From that conversation, we can look at whether life coaching or single sessions would benefit you and what you’re looking for.
A single session can be one or more, regularly or whenever you choose.
Single sessions are $200 for up to 30 minutes and paid in advance.

Life Coaching can be bi-weekly, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or a combination of those depending on what you are asking for, where you are at and what you require.  Once we have a look at what would suit you to start, we can give you a quote based on those requirements.  Payments can be made monthly to help make this choice to take charge of your life easier to choose.